Welcome to M² Fabric

We have been giving service as textile agency all types of fabric products.

All Kinds of Fabric in your service

Our firm aspires to deliver fabrics to our valuable customers by increasing their varieties and quality each passing day.

Newest Equipment

We are using the newest equipment in the world for better pricing and quality.

Quality Production

We are equipped with world famous certificates that proves the quality of our services.

Confident at Working Strategy

Knowledge and Experience is important to reach the best quality and price.

Positive Reviews

Our Priority is happiness in customer services.

Excellent Design

We design according to your needs and perspective.

Printing Fabrics
Friendly Price Package

Our Pricing Standards are extraordinary and delivery varies under negotiation. There afford all kinds of delivery.

We produce the fabric you want!

M2Fabric takesover the production process in order to no Firm needs to worry about the high costs and low quality. All Companies are of course welcome to check our production on sight. We are open to all visitors who wants to manage their quality control. But the point is, we manage the quality control for you.