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Bamboo Fabrics

The unique feature of bamboo, which has a light texture, is that it gives coolness. At the same time, bamboo provides air permeability and absorbs moisture. Thanks to this feature, it is used in fabrics as a type of fabric suitable for use in summer, giving comfort and coolness.

Organic Fabrics

Fabrics are woven or knitted products used in all areas of life with dozens of varieties. Its first use in history started with linen and then continued with wool, cotton and silk. Today, the healthiest fabric type is known as cotton fabric.

Denim Fabrics

Denim fabric, which has gained quite a place in the fabric sector; It is used for clothes, shirts, blouses and jackets. The original denim has dark blue indigo colors. Also, denim fabric can have all colors from super blue to black, light blue to brown.

Velsoft Fabrics

It is a type of fabric that is widely used in high-quality clothes, shoes and many textile applications. Although velvet fabrics, which are usually made of cotton and silk, are mixed with synthetic materials today, this excellent fabric continues to be one of the most stylish and soft designed products.

Woven Fabrics

They are fabrics that are formed by connecting two yarns to each other at a right angle with a certain system, called knitting. For this reason, it is also called the two-thread system. Of these two yarn series, those that are in line with the length of the fabric are called warp threads, and those that are in line with the width of the fabric are called weft threads.

Hand-Made Fabrics

Although jute fabric is generally used in home textile products with its rough and coarse texture, the production of sweaters and jackets obtained with this fabric is increasing. The most common usage areas of jute fabric, which is synonymous with burlap, are upholstery and decor products due to its durability. Jute yarn, which ranks second in the world after cotton, is a natural yarn and is considered an environmentally friendly fiber when petroleum-based polymer yarns are considered.

Knitted Fabrics

Knitted fabric is the most well-known type of fabric among all other different fabrics. This type of fabric, which is formed by knitting different yarns in various models and patterns, has been one of the most used fabrics from the past to the present.

Plush Fabrics

Plush fabrics are one of the most loved and used fabric types in the winter season. Plush fabrics, which feel soft when touched, also give a warm feeling in appearance. The usage areas of plush fabrics blended with some fibers are quite wide. In addition to winter clothes, plush fabrics can also be used in home jugs.

Special Wool Fabrics

Wool, which is a product of natural origin, is one of the healthiest fabric types. When it comes to woolen fabrics, sweaters, scarves, berets and winter season may come to mind, but contrary to popular belief, wool is used in all seasons.

Terry Fabrics

Pile in pile fabrics, such as velvet, pile and carpet, is created with special warp yarns. A loose pile or loop warp comes on top of a stretched base warp. During the weaving process, the pile warp slides over the basic warp so that the loops of additional warp threads remain on the fabric surface.